It is a platform where the end number of questions in any discipline can be stored as a question bank. It helps in running your institute or organization smoothly during the exams. 

With the help of this software, the test can be organized by anyone, in case, if the respective teacher is not available. This software is used by many universities, educational institutes, and Professional training institutes and Colleges to manage their exams.

Automatic Paper Generator Software is one of the best tools for any institution or organization that conducts exams frequently.

Test Generator Software – Its Benefits

Chronon is one of the best software developed for Question paper generators with the capability to cater to different types of questions. It may be multiple choice questions, subjective, fill-in-the-blanks or numerical, and much more.

There are ample benefits to using Chronon software which are enlisted below:

One of the most Crypted software holds the capacity to store an end number of questions.

1. It is programmed in such a manner that has authenticated to check Duplicacy and similar questions in the database.

2. It has the facility to segregate the questions commonly into three parts such as matrix questions, multiple choice questions, and subjective type questions.

3. Chronon has a facility to support multi-languages and has the capacity to export question papers in any format.

4. Language is not a barrier for this software and you can create bilingual question papers using it.

5. The software is so designed and structured that the questions are saved in a well-classified group according to their exam, subject, chapter, topic, and level of difficulty of questions.

6. It saves a lot of manpower and time.

7. It prevents repetition or duplicates or similar questions from appearing in the test paper.

Features of Question paper generator (CHRONON)

Chronon software is the most versatile Test generator software with the flexibility to cater to questions in multiple languages with graphs, images, diagrams, formulas, etc. The features are incorporated below:

1. Design to handle all types of questions.

  • Chronon has the capability to handle any type of question such as.
  • Matrix question.
  • MCQ questions - MCQ single correct question, MCQ multiple correct questions, Fill in the blanks, True or false, Correct the statement.
  • Group questions – Group MCQ – comprehension or data interpretation.
  • Subjective or theoretical questions.

2. Manages your Question Bank.

Chronon provides the facility to manage all your questions in Question Bank Management and Retrieve them according to your choice. Further, you can segregate the questions based on topic, chapter, or class-wise. Even you can classify the questions according to their difficulty levels such as easy, medium, or difficult level. 

I hope the above article is informative and useful for you. This article carries all the important information that is required to understand Yoctel’s CHRONON Software, you can check online.