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YOMARK (OMR Reader Software)

Read or evaluate any kind of OMR sheet that is, it may be admission form or test paper answer sheet or psychometric tests or survey/ feedback forms, Yomark reads everything for you. Yomark gives you an amazing experience of working on it.


In today's world, OMR sheets are widely used for conducting various exams right from the KG level to professional level. The exams conducted through OMR sheets are objective or multiple choice exams.

YOMARK provides complete OMR sheet processing solution for educational institutes, government organizations & NGOs for pre-examination & post-examination processing of entrance exams, competitive exams, recruitment exams & other application areas of OMR sheets include scientific surveys, marketing survey, statics survey, inventory, attendance sheet, feedback forms, election forms and many more.

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Quick FEATURE List

Data Capture

Capture any kind of data i.e. candidate signature, photograph, and contact details.


Well Organized, uncluttered, consistent, and easy to use screen layout.

Accuracy and

100% accuracy! Read thousands of OMR sheets within minutes.


Highly compatible with any of the normal ADF scanners.


Flexibility to get tabular and graphical reports of your requirements.

Support any type of marking

Evaluate and set any marking scheme.


NO! At the time of implementation it seems to be costly i.e. Natural thinking for converting any Manual process to Automated. Complete OMR solution can be implemented by spending merely 30 thousand (INR) and more than one billion results/reports can be generated in a year. Manual work as compared to OMR solution is not only inefficient but also much costlier than the cost of implementation of OMR solution.

NO! Any computer savvy who can operate his email account can easily operate Yomark (OMR software) with little assistance. It takes just half an hour to train a beginner on Yomark.

No! Any type of paper can be used for OMR sheets. In fact you can use your copier pages which you use normally for getting print outs.

Generally A4 size is used for OMR sheet, but our software is not dependent on the size of sheet. You get OMR sheet designed as per your requirement or compatibility with your scanner and either get it offset printed or take print outs hence the size of OMR sheet depends on the compatibility of your printer or scanner or your decision of sheet-size if you out source printing.

NO! But while printing precaution should be taken so that the uniformity of all the OMR sheets are maintained i.e. OMR region, Image, bar code should be uniform and similar on each sheet for same lot. For better result we advise either take print out from an ADF printer or get printed by an offset machine but not by screen printing.

NO! It can be of any color, but it is advised that the respondents should fill the OMR sheet with different color than the sheet color. Actually for better and accurate result you are advised to use drop color facility where you can drop the printed color and only respondent’s marks (optical marks!) remains to be read. Hence you can get your OMR sheet printed in any color of your choice or company policy!