Student Examination Management System

Examination Management Software System

Examination management software is one of the excellent management software that enables you to effectively automate and streamline the exam planning. The software has been developed to make the entire examination process easier and paperless. Yoctel examination management software system not only helps you to automate the entire examination process but also helps you to create the test paper as well as analyzing the result. Examination management software system allows you to create various types of exams may it be either biannually, annually, monthly, weekly and many more. It allows you to conduct the exam for a specific student rather than whole students.

Salient Features of Examination Management Software System

In an academic year student’s performance and academic excellence can be analyzed based on different types of examination, test, and assignments etc. so a software named students management software system that not only allows you to create result but manages results. This software is very helpful for the teachers as they can upload the marks, remarks and generates reports in bulk. This reduces time and does not require paper. Below few features are mentioned:

  • Create different types of examinations such as mid – term examination, half- yearly, or annually examination.
  • Create class wise exams or tests
  • Exam date sheet generation
  • Manage examination time table
  • Hall ticket generation
  • Question paper generation
  • Publishes result of any class it may be Std I to XII. Results can be published in three formats that is grade based, marks based or combination of both.
  • Subject wise mark sheet
  • Download and print students report card class wise
  • Updation on parent’s mobile about the student’s performance
  • Generates Certificate, merit list and printing of certificates.

Is Student Examination Management Software System Beneficial for Schools?

Yes, examination management software system is beneficial as it plays a vital role in making the entire examination process simple and perfect. Examination is an important activity that helps in evaluating the student’s performance for the one whole academic session. As we know the most difficult task is to execute any exam efficiently. The entire process involves many elements in consideration such as framing an appropriate timetable to creating progress report. However, student examination management software system has made this task much easier for the educational institutes.


  • Exam scheduling
  • This software helps in creating exam schedules for all the classes either it be weekly, monthly, or yearly basics. Exams can be scheduled for any subjects such as English, Hindi, Math, optional subject, additional subject, and theoretical as well as practical subject.

  • Create student details for examination registration
  • This software has the facility to accumulate the student’s data in a folder. Registration of students subject wise can be done. And accordingly you can allot the seat.

  • Make effective and easy plan
  • You can decide the exam venue as well as seating plans. The software helps you to execute the plan easily and handle it properly.

  • Grading and result management
  • Students management software system helps in managing the result with grading system. Grades can be defined on the basis of percentile for example 96% - 100% which will fall under A+ grade and 33% - 38% will come under E grade. This software is commonly used by schools and other educational institutes.

  • Analysis
  • Through this software one can view the result and reports online and is easily accessible for everyone. A detailed performance of the student is available where the teacher and parent can view it. You even take the print of the report.

  • Automation
  • Any exam requires careful planning and skillful execution with the help of this software everything related to the examination is automated. That is everything becomes much simpler and it eliminates the challenges involved in the traditional examination process. Further, it helps in making any changes related in the examination process easier and successfully implement any new changes.

  • Increased efficiency
  • There is no doubt that this software increases the efficiency of the management, by simplifying the evaluation process and the chances of errors is reduced with the help of this examination management software.

  • Time Management
  • The best thing to experience with this software is time management, which is really a challenging task when it comes to examination. Student management software helps the educational institutes to get rid of the lengthy examination process that involves in creating question paper, registration of candidates for the exam, evaluate answer sheets, publish results with reports and much more. This will help the students to complete their exams right on time without any tension.

  • Cost saving
  • Another factor that bring to consider in using this software is that it is flexible and easily affordable and reduces the overall costs involved in processing any examination. It also enables the institutes to perform in a much better way.

  • Informing parents about results through email or SMS
  • This software allows you to send the result to the parents through SMS or email. This helps the parents to know about the performance of their child. The result can be viewed online and parents can avoid going to school.

  • No fear of paper leakage
  • Examination management software is more secure than physical paper. In past we have heard number of times that exams are leaked and because of this the intelligent students had suffered a lot. This software is beneficial as it prevents malpractices and copying in the exam. Also there is no requirement of paper.

Why Yoctel Student Management Software system?

Managing examination is not an easy task. Yoctel examination management software is designed to provide complete solution. This software is easy - to - use as it enables you to create, manage, evaluate, and analyze your exam.