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Overview of Application Processing

online application processing

Applying for an examination is the first touch point for a candidate taking up an examination. Traditional application process is tedious, error prone and mostly causes delay in the process.

With the increasing reach of Internet there has been a massive change in every sphere of life. Apart from government measures, affordable smart phones and easy access to personal computers have led to growing expectations for better systems and processes. This has motivated many examination bodies to leverage technology to extend these services to their test takers.

YOCTEL with a rich history of supporting large scale application processing for high stake examinations has helped many examination bodies transform from pen and paper applications to OMR applications and now on to Computer based applications.

Yoctel provides complete OMR sheet reader solution for educational institutes, government organizations & NGOs for pre-examination & post-examination processing of entrance exams, competitive exams, recruitment exams & surveys. We undertake turn-key projects for OMR process outsourcing at affordable cost.

Any organization which wants to run a huge Admission process or Selection Process has to accept some kind of Application form. The Candidates are expected to fill a form and submit to the organization.

Such Kind of activity is done in Governmental Exam Bodies which run competitive exams and candidates, in huge numbers, fill the Application forms.

Many reputed schools follow a complete process of Admission which starts with the filling of the Application form.

Even Private Educational Institute follow Application Form filling for their enrollments.

Key Features


Handle any kind of Application Form
Convert any kind of Application form to OMR Application form. You can have Single Page form, Multiple Page OMR Form. Our OMR Software can handle it all.


No Need to maintain the Physical Forms
Once you have Processed the application forms with our OMR Software, YOMARK, you can discard your Physical Forms as a digitized copy of your form is always available.


Instant Error Check
Our OMR software, YOMARK, can detect errors in the data filled by the candidates in the OMR Application form. For example, if someone has filled extra numbers in phone field etc., the software can highlight such errors while processing the application forms.


Superfast Processing of Application forms
In simple 3 steps you can digitize all the Application forms withing minutes.


Capture Photos and Signatures
Not only the Data, but even the Candidate’s Photo and their signatures can be captured while processing the OMR Application Form.


Create Admit Card
You can generate admit card for the Applicants as well.


  Such Kind of activity is done in Governmental Exam Bodies which run competitive exams and candidates, in huge numbers, fill the Application forms. list-group-item

  It is a big Challenge to maintain 1000 of forms manually as they have to store these forms from quite long. For Organizations running competitive exam, there forms have to be maintained for atleast 2 year. A school has to maintain the forms for ages.

  The Application forms have to be protected from any physical damage.

  The data has to be manually feed in some ERP or database or excel. Normally there is huge typing errors and the accuracy of the data captured is always questionable.


  You must be thinking that an OMR software is used for checking OMR Sheets. Well you are right, but we have taken it a step further and have enhanced its capability to even read the Application forms.

  If you are one of the above, facing these issues, then the best way to keep yourself out of trouble, is to start using our OMR Software, YOMARK.

  We convert you application form to OMR Application form which can be filled very easily and accurately by the candidates/ applicants.

  These OMR application forms can be easily read by our OMR Software, YOMARK and the complete data can be digitized in minutes

  You can either buy OMR Software. YOMARK or can outsource the complete work to us.