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OMR Sheets Evaluation

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Overview of OMR Sheets Evaluation

omr Sheet Evaluation

A proud Inhouse product of Yoctel developed by young entrepreneurs with diverse educational & professional background in IT.

The most advanced and user friendly software of Yoctel helps you to evaluate your test results with 100% accuracy. It helps you to think over various parameter of analysis and provides results and reports according to your point of view. We can enter into the mind of our respondents through this amazing application.

Whenever there is an offline test and if it is an Objective Based Test, then it is ought to be on OMR Sheets.

Most of the Offline tests, which are objective based are done on an OMR Sheet, also known as the bubble sheets. Be it any competitive exam like Territorial Army Selection exam, PPSC Staff Selection Services Exam or now even the CBSE exams are now being done on OMR Sheets.

Key Features


Compatible with any kind of OMR Sheet
The Solution Provided by us is compatible with any kind of OMR Answer Sheet. You will never have to worry about anything when it comes to evaluation OMR Answer sheets.


Compatible with any kind of Scanner
When it comes to evaluate the OMR Answer Sheets, one of the most important things is the scanning of the OMR Answer Sheets. Our Solution is compatible with any kind of Scanner. You can use a Flat-bad scanner, Multi-feed Scanner or ADF Scanner.


Accuracy is the Key
Most of the solution do process the bubble sheet, but their accuracy is always doubtful. We provide a real time error checking mechanism which ensure Accurate Evaluation of the OMR Answer Sheets.


Reports and Merit List
Our OMR Solution is capable of processing millions of results in minutes and allow you to export reports in multiple formats. The features like Advance Marking Scheme, Grading, Tie Breakers makes it possible for creating different kind of Merit Lists and other reports.


  It is not as simple as it sounds. Although the concept of OMR Answer Sheets, the bubble sheets is quite old, it still remains little challenge.

  Not all are aware on how to design the OMR Answer Sheet which suits their needs and requirement.

  Even if people are conducting objective tests on OMR Answer sheets, but when it comes to scoring, it is still a challenge for many.

  As OMR Scanner is very costly and starting range is 4 lakh and above (0.4 million Rs and above)

  Even if you manage to get hold of such kind of a OMR machine, the technicality involved to run it is very complicated.

  Above all, even if you are able to run it, you will never know on how the accurate the OMR Answer Sheet Evaluation is.


  We provide one of the Most Trusted solution for OMR Answer Sheet Evaluation. It is used by the Air Force, Indian Army, CDRI and many such Government and Private organization.

  The flexibility and the simplicity of the solution provided by us, make us the most preferred choice by most of the Users.