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Student Admissions Management Software

What is student registration and admission management software/system?

Student registration and admission management software system has been developed in accordance to manage registration and admission process for both new and existing students. A comprehensive system designed for schools, colleges, and higher educational institutes to manage complete student profile along with the details of family, previous schooling information, transfer certificate, birth certificate and many more. Furthermore, it is helpful in other school works also such as tracking of prospectus sale, refundable security deposit, registration fee, assignments, class as well as course assigned. You can even store the record of each student’s section and their roll number. This unique feature of student admission management software ensures and manages all the admission process making it more efficient and effective for the schools, colleges, and educational institutes.

Essential Features of student registration and admission management software

Yoctel Student management software system has ample of crypted features that ensures you to run your organization smoothly. This software has eliminated the infill of the manual application form into online filling process. The online forms are integrated on the website making it easily available for the students. Moreover, it manages all the information in a single place and track each enquiry without hassle. Below the features of are mentioned in details.
Manage entire admission and registration process of student’s each academic year.
Holds the previous academic details such as from which board or school the candidates have come from.
You can even store other documents along with the admission form such as certificates of previous school and other documents required at the time of admission.
On the basis of the acceptance or rejection of the admission form one can keep the record for the future endeavor. This means that whether the student is selected or rejected both the records can be kept and can be viewed when required.
The software generates the unique ID for each student to avoid the duplicacy of students enrolledand can evenupload the photographs along with the admission form for identification.
Holds the capacity to keep the record of the students as per the academic year wise.
You can generate customized reports to get the accurate statics report of student admission.

Why choose student management and admission management software?

Automates the process

Student registration management software system has made the work easier for every schools and other educational institutes. Now, schools need not spend time in collecting, sorting and documenting the forms. The software helps to sort out the forms and store them in a digital format so that it can be easily accessible when required.

Reduces Error

Student registration management software system reduces the chances of errors in both the cases that is while filling the application form as well as during the processing stage. Suppose while filling the application form any information is missed out or filled incorrectly immediately the software indicates the error. Similarly, for schools the system need not have to go through each and every form to check the accuracy as the incorrect form is highlighted automatically.

No longer waiting in queue

Earlier the students had to wait for a longer time standing in a queue for their turn to come for collecting and submitting the application form. But with the help of the student management system things became easier. Students can fill the application form online anytime in the allotted time duration as per their convenient and even can submit it at the same time along with the required documents.

Reduces Manpower Involvement

The admission seasons as usual are hectic season for all the schools as all the staff members are involved in various functions of admission such as distribution of form, collecting the form, information verification and payment verification and many other work. Admission management software system for schools has made the work easier as well as saves the time and manpower involvement. Also, the work is completed with the time frame which involves error free work.

Paperwork is reduced

Maintenance of files is very painful as missing of any documents may lead to great loss. This process requires plenty of papers aseach and every documents have to be kept for record so to avoid all this tedious job student admission and registration management software has been developed. Where all the information can be accumulated and stored in one place to make iteasily accessed by the authorized person. Reduction of paper work has proved to be very helpful both for the studentsand schools. The students do not require to take the print out of each and every documents and keep the record of it. As the whole process involves time consuming and is a tedious job. For the ease of the students, online application form is available in the website. The students can complete the entire registration process online with the help of the software student registration and management system.

User friendly

Registration and management software system isdynamicand if any changes made it is reflected immediately and the students see the changes. The entire process for filling the application form is simple and user friendly. It is similar to manual filling only the difference is the application form is available online.

Procedure to Complete Student Registration and Admission
Management Software

The process that involves registration and admission management are mentioned below
  • Step 1 : Involves Pre – admission: Prospectus sale / Admission form sale
  • Step 2 : Involves Student admission: Fees payment, Registration id or enrollment no, report generation.