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Question Bank Management

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Overview of Question Bank Management

Chronon – Question Paper Manager and Test Paper Generator Software Question paper generator software is a remarkable solution for educational institutes and professionals. This software was developed to overcome the problems faced by schools or institutes that conducts exams on regular basis that is daily, weekly or monthly basis. Preparing the question paper is a tedious job as well as time consuming. So,Yoctel Chronon is designed to make things easier; test paper generator software the advanced question bank that enables you to improve the quality of your questions and assessments. It is a platform where a large number of questions are created and maintained in an Offline mode or online mode . So, when the students appear for exam the software randomly selects the questions from the question bank and a set of question paper ready for them to perform the exam with various SETS as per requirement of the organization .

Chronon!! Your own question paper generator software that has unique solutions in creating your own question bank and holds the capacity to generate the question paper in just a fraction of time.

Characteristics of Chronon

Customizable Groups

Question bank solution is a encrypted software that has the capacity of storing end N number of questions with as many as groups/ exams you need. Each group/ exam is further segregated with unlimited number of sub groups according to class,subject- wise, topic, chapter – wise and various programs as per the structure n hierarchy of the organization . Chronon is exclusively used for creating tests and question papers not only for objective questions but for subjective exams too. It is a platform where you can accumulate and reservthe questions in one place and can be re used for future endeavor as and when required. The best thing is that you can organise your bank according to your needs and requirements.

Shuffling of Questions

Further Test Paper Generator software not only generates different sets of questions randomly selected from the question bank but also shuffles the questions so that each student gets different set of questions. This avoids malpractices during exams. With the help of shuffling one can create multiple sets of questions and the exams are smoothly run in a fair and organized manner.

Remote access control

One of the best thing that you can ever experience through question bank solution software is that it allows both the assesses and assessors to access and manage from anywhere this means that you can have a full control over the entire system by sitting ) infront of the system which has this software installed and can make n Papers without any dependibilty on Faculties / Dtp Operators etc.

Flexibility to use

The software has encrypted features that are user friendly that anyone can operate it. It is easily affordable and one can easily make his question bankrepository and can replenish the same with upcoming changes in syllabus and enrich the same as n when required.

Multilanguage along with rights Feature

The software is embedded with the facility to cater the question paper in bilingual languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil and many other except Urdu. The Question paper can be designed with graphs, images, diagrams and formula like math type etc. You can even isolate those questions that aren’t performing,also you can easily identify the questions that weren’t used for a while. Another facility embedded is that you can get the details of who has inserted the questions and when what number of questions has been inserted at that point of time for eg : how many questions are inserted in a span of 10 days n like wise .Even you can identify the question and exam that has to be edited along with Questions in the same category of Exams . It allows you to identify the duplicacy of the question as well as avoids repetition of the question.

Design to handle all type of questions

This software has the facility to add the complicity of the question such as matrix question, MCQ questions such as single choice question , true or false, fill in the blanks, multiple choice question, match the following, correction of statement as well as subjective and descriptive questions. Group questions – Group MCQs such as comprehension and data interpretation.

Question bank analysis

The software has a unique feature that has the ability to provide the ability in rating of the questions that is the level of the question paper can be segregated into L1, L2, L3 or it can be rated as easy, medium, or any n number of difficult levels. This rating is based on the certain criteria which depends on organization to organization .It can export question paper in any desired format whether Single Colum or Auto Column as per Paper display settings which is available in the software itself .

Once the question paper layout is complete

you can make certain changes according to your choice. You can make changes by adding water mark or logo or name of the organization or institute’s name and n number of settings which is available in the software itself.

Why Should I use Yoctel Chronon - Question Bank Solution Software?

Now a day almost every educational institutes and professionals conduct test regularly which may either be biannually, annually or monthly basis to check the performance of the candidate. And so preparation of question paper becomes tough as no one has much time to devote. In such cases Question Bank Software is the most useful software owning various facility embedded in it such as generation of question paper in just a fraction of time. Generation of question paper in bilingual language and holds the capacity to store n number of questions accumulated in one place with N number of groups and sub-groups.Having the capacity of holding a large number of questions one can reuse it according to their desire and it checks the duplicacy of question and avoids repetition.It also has the facility to shuffle the questions and provide multiple sets of the same question paper. It enhances your question bank and improves the process of conducting the exam making it more robust and automated. Chronon makes your work easier and is a single window solution for all your problems.