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Online Examination Software System

Yoctel is devoted to providing its customers with a user-friendly online test platform and Online examination system available, allowing them to totally streamline their examination process in order to meet their requirements. Apart from answers for traditional tests, we also give an online test/examination system with certain unique (and previously unheard of) features that are not available elsewhere.

This programme has personal pages for both students and faculty members, allowing for social interaction to take place while also keeping them informed of the events that are taking place around them. If you’re wondering how to conduct online exam, we’ve made it simpler for you.

How you can use Yoctel to your advantage:

As per the New Guidelines Issued by CBSE (Central Board Of Central Education) on 5th July 2021, Circular No: Acad-51/2021, the Academic Session 2021-22 will have MCQ based exams.

Yoctel's Online Exam software Manager allows you to upload the whole test paper in your preferred format minutes well before planned test time (OTM).

In the event of an administrator's unavailability, any authorised individual may perform a hassle-free online test utilising Yoctel's Online Test Manager (OTM), which is included with the service.

Investigate and evaluate the results of your offline test students with that of the online exam students using the same platform.

Performance evaluation of students (individual or group of students) and faculty members based on a variety of criteria.

In the most unique method possible, graphical as well as tabular analysis on batch/section wise, test paper wise, subject wise, topic wise, and many more indices were performed.

Reports in the design of different metres, such as the accuracy metre, the status o' metre, the speed o' metre, and the latent o' metre, are provided to students to assist them get a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

The student's own web profile page allows him or her to view his or her own performance using the online exam Solutions.

Parents may also observe their children's performances whenever they choose.

The management teams of numerous educational institutions have gained total independence in the conduct of online examinations.

The new profiles of students and faculty members will contain all of the pertinent information on various tests, results/performances, and analyses, among other things.

All exams, students, and teachers, as well as their records, tests, profiles, and performance analysis will be managed by administrators through their individual accounts on the system with the online examination software system.

Assign a test to the students, which they must complete at a predetermined time and date, within a certain time interval or length, and at any point throughout the session (open for any date).

No matter whether you work for a corporation that administers certification programmes or evaluates organizational performance, an awarding body that wants to move away from paper or expand into new markets, a training company that wants to set up scalable end-of-course assessments, or a college looking to modernise your approach toward exams, making the switch to online assessment has several significant advantages.

Candidates for certification exams, as well as the organisations that provide the certification exams, appreciate the advantages of online testing and evaluation.

Even while the sorts of advantages achieved will vary depending on the assessment software utilised, one overarching positive consequence is that organisations will see a significant reduction in the administrative load associated with organising and administering tests.

Although this is not a complete list, here are 13 important advantages of online evaluation to take into consideration when taking online exam solutions:

1. Exam candidates are accustomed to using digital devices

As an alternative to writing with a pen and paper, exam applicants can work on a laptop in a manner that is comfortable to them. Candidates will be at a disadvantage if they do not even have access to the computer editing tools while writing, such as cutting and pasting text or utilising a spreadsheet to keep track of their finances.

When you are accustomed to working digitally, it can be difficult to make the move to pen and paper, and it can be quite exhausting if done for an extended length of time.The Best online exam solution makes this process streamlined and simple.

2. Administrative burden has been reduced

When examinations are conducted online, organisations may significantly decrease the administrative load associated with organising and administering them. The process of printing and distributing tests on paper, as well as coordinating the transportation of finished scripts to examiners, is a time-consuming and expensive one.

3. Results are marked and issued in less time

It is significantly more efficient to mark online, and candidates like obtaining results as soon as possible. If you use auto-scorable questions, you may see your findings almost instantly if you want to.

4. Question Authoring in a Collaborative Environment

Work done online makes it much easier for the assessing body to keep track of all of the activities involved in the creation of examinations and exams themselves. Examples include the ability to collaborate on the creation of questions and the establishment of clear procedures for the assessment and approval of inquiries before they are submitted to the bank.

5. Test assembly tools that are automated

Once a bank of questions has been authorised, exam papers may be generated rapidly and effortlessly by selecting questions or by utilising automated technologies, such as LOFT (linear-on-the-fly testing), to generate automatic and randomised papers, among other things. More information about linear-on-the-fly testing may be found here.

6. Tools for making notes on the screen

When exam results are maintained online, the process of marking and regulating them is more efficient, secure, and consistent. More information about on-screen marking may be found here.

7. It has a lower impact on the environment

It is more ecologically friendly, as less paper, printing, and transportation are required in the whole production process.

8. It is scalable and has a global reach

Examining organisations may give examinations to applicants situated over a wider geographic region thanks to online assessment, as they are no longer confined to providing examinations in physical test centres.

9. A higher level of security

Another advantage of online assessment is that it provides more security because all exam papers, candidate information, marks, and results are kept digitally. In addition, only those individuals who should be allowed to view exam data can be provided access to the relevant system functions and features. When paper-based tests are used, it is considerably more difficult to maintain control over access, storage, and results administration.

10. The ability to take exams from any location

Remote invigilation, also known as online proctoring, allows applicants to take a safe and invigilated test from the comfort of home, that is less stressful and saves them time and money by eliminating the need to travel to a testing centre. More information on the advantages of online proctoring may be found here.

11. Assessment reporting

Candidate findings and progress are reported in a timely and concise manner using online assessment tools. This makes it simpler to provide relevant feedback to applicants on how they are doing, what areas of learning they are strong in, and what aspects of study they need to improve on.

12. The cost-effectiveness of the solution

Because of the significant reduction in administrative time required to manage the entire test production, delivery, and marking procedures, online assessment is much more cost effective. More information on alternative cost-saving measures may be found further down this page.

13. Assessments that are open to all participants

When you conduct assessments online, it is much easier to modify such exams to accommodate applicants who have impairments, such as by adjusting text size, background colour, or other factors such as hearing loss. It is also less difficult to allocate additional time for applicants that require special evaluation. For additional information, please see this post on accessibility in evaluation.

Use these tools and make it easier for you to use the Best online exam software India has to offer with Yoctel! Good luck!