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What is School Management Software and What Does It Do

Every year, thousands of parents seek admission of their children in school.


Use One of the Best Software to Generate Question Paper

Summary: In this article, you will get to know a little bit about the process of test paper generation. Which software to use for question paper generation and making your life easier?


Facilities Features and Advantages of Student Fee Collection Software

Ever heard about any course or any service provided to you without making any payment or fee? I don’t think it is possible.


Online Examinations A new era in the education system

COVID-19 is a “Black Swan” event in human history. This event is hard to predict and unexpected within the normal range of expectations.


What is SIMS How it helps in Student Information Management

Managing school entire activity in one academic session right from the admission to other school work has proven to be a tedious task and hence to lessen the work of the administration software known as the School management system was developed.


Basic Features of Online Examination Platform Exam on Air

The process of examination takes long hours to complete, not just days, maybe even weeks.


All About Test Paper Generator Software

Chronon is a comprehensive software designed with unique features that allows to create questions for various programs, classes, chapters, topics, and much more.


What is OMR and OMR Software

Optical mark recognition (also called optical mark reading and OMR), is a device that can read special (optical) characters, it’s also called Optical markup Reader.


Best OMR Software To Evaluate CBSE Board Exam Paper

One of the most important tasks for students is to take examinations. With technology pushing the way we’re evaluating papers, it’s time for schools and students to effectively get answers evaluated.


How to create mock test and evaluate CBSE board OMR based exam

Examining is one of the most significant duties that students have to complete in order to graduate. With technology stretching the boundaries of how we analyse papers, it's past time for schools & Students to get their responses evaluated in an efficient