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Overview of Online Assessment Software


In this age of information technology, students are very well familiar with the internet and computer.So internet based education system is getting popular day by day. Continuing on the same trend, the web/internet based online exams/tests are also the latest vogue, and so the requirement of the time.

This application, called Exam on Air is designed and implemented as an Exam Software or online test platform. It provides the means for Directors/ Exam coordinator of the educational / Training organizations to manage their online exams, and for students to take them effortlessly.
Exam on Air is another venture of Yoctel is the most sophisticated, innovative and user friendly online test platform and promises to its clients to help them automate their online examination process completely. From registrations of students to creating test paper for them by uploading of question paper on its own - everything is in the control of our clients.

With the Growing penetration of internet globally, everybody loves to have things running online. One of the segments is E-Assessments/Online Assessment Software. Be it a Corporate Organization looking for new hires or internal trainings, be it a Competitive Examination Body like CAT, GMAT and other such examinations or be it a school, college. Almost every organization which is into some kind of selection or training system, is moving towards E-Assessments/Online Assessment Platform.

Key Features


Hassle Free Conduction of the E-Assessments/Online Assessments
It makes the complete process so easy. You just have to share a Link with the candidates to login and give the online assessments. No need to printed papers, no need for staff for managing tests.


Easy to Use interface for Candidates
The E-Assessments/Online Assessments interface is so easy that even a class 1 student can attempt the test online. It comes with all the instructions and guidelines which are easy to follow for anyone. The Interface is compatible with all the latest browsers, be it Windows, MACs etc.


The Power of Mobile Apps
That’s the way the world works now, and we ensure that we add our own world to this mobile world. With the Power of our innovative mobile Apps, you can allow you candidates to appear on E-Assessments/Online Assessments on mobile phones, bet it an objective or a subjective assessment.


Easy Management of the Tests
As an administrator of the tests, you have the complete control of the Assessments you run. Be it the date and time of the test, be it the result generation. You have the complete control of the Test.


Scalable to handle large number of candidates
E-Assessments/Online Assessments solution provided by us can be scaled to handle unlimited numbers of users. You don’t have to worry about printing paper and other stuff. You can even add candidates at the last moment.


Outsource and Get Free
If you want that we should take the responsibility of running your E-Assessments/Online Assessments, we are happy to do that. We can handle the complete process from getting your papers online to managing the E-Assessments/Online Assessments Software.


  Most of the organization follow the orthodox method of assessment where in the Assessments are taken in offline mode. Some of the organization which have objective assessments use OMR Solutions and for subjective assessments it is completely offline.

  The complete exercise of conducting an assessment involves too much of manpower and time. From setting up a questionnaire to printing of Papers, conducting of Offline Assessments, then collection of answers scripts and then the manual checking process.

  Even you conduct such an assessment for 5 people or for 5000 people, the time and effort still remain the same.


  One of the most sought-after solution is to move to E-Assessments/Online Assessments. It reduces the pain of most of the offline activities like printing of the Questionnaire and the answer sheets, setting up for resources for managing the offline exam and the arrangement of premises is not required. That saves huge costs for any organization. The evaluation work for the Objective assessments reduces to zero. Even the Subjective Assessments evaluation becomes very streamlined.

  We provide complete end to end service and support for any such organization and have experience in working with large scale E-Assessments/Online Assessments, both Objective and Subjective.

  It is something which every organization, into any kind of assessment, be it small scale or large scale, should move to. It’s a SMART move.

  It is not only a cost effective but also efficient method of conduction any kind of Assessments.