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Best Online Assessment Platform

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When it comes to online assessment, it’s important that you have the right platform. Examinations today are taken digitally, and it’s super crucial that you’re able to find the right software to conduct them.
The best Online assessment platform awaits. In seconds, you may administer tests and track students' performance on Android and iOS.

Problem faced by business in traditional assessment solution and need for online Assessment

  The offline exam is the traditional way of universities and institutions conducting tests with offline question papers and OMR based answer sheets.

  The operational setup, cost of logistics and administration are one of the primary reasons behind moving to the online exam.

  Also, the cases of question paper leaks, safety and security of questions are one of the big issues in offline exams.

  This concept started growing more in the pandemic era as there is safety and convenience in online exams

Ideal Features of Online Assessment solution

Any Exam Handle is supported. a high level of concurrency

Obtain Accurate Testing Results and In-Depth Analysis

Handle a variety of centre test activities

Distribute videos and notes

Multi Language support

The most sophisticated, creative, and user-friendly online test platform that promises to assist its clients totally automate their online examination procedure. Everything is under our clients' control, from student registration to producing test papers for them by uploading question papers on their own.
Deliver any type of test or assessment to meet your testing requirements, including school or institution assessments, tests for skill assessment, certification, pre-hire testing, and employee evaluation.

Need for Online Assessment Platform

Make any Exam Pattern you want: Keeping diverse exam patterns in mind, every question type - MCQs, objective questions, essay type questions, skills-based questions, simulation questions, and personality tests, for example - may be readily incorporated into a single assessment.

Administration is centralised: A powerful centralised dashboard is provided to manage all of your tests, quizzes, and assessments. Create exams, register students, assign students, and check reports all from a single administrative console.

Algorithm for Adaptive Testing: The adaptive scoring system examines student responses and calculates the appropriate degree of difficulty for a question to ensure that the test result is an accurate assessment of the individual's knowledge.

Insightful studies that identify your areas of weakness: After completing each assessment, you will receive an instant report that will help you understand the ideas you are struggling with and advice on how to better them.

Enroll a Large Number of Students: Enroll new students in bulk using an excel spreadsheet. Also, send an email notification to automatically confirm them on the Online assessment platform.

Head over to Yoctel and begin your journey towards smarter examination evaluation that is driven digitally. With the right tools, you’ll be able to ensure that all of your school’s or institution’s tests are taken care of in the right manner.

How Yoctel Online Assessment solution is helping businesses, students institutions

It is possible to upload the whole test paper in the format that you like to Yoctel's Online Exam Programme Manager a few minutes before the scheduled exam (OTM).

With Yoctel's Online Test Manager (OTM), anyone authorised can run a hassle-free online test in the event that an administrator is unavailable.

Examine your offline test students' results alongside your online exam students who are using the same platform.

A number of elements are taken into consideration while evaluating the performance of students (individuals or groups of pupils) and professors.

On a range of indices, including batch/section wise, exam paper wise, subject wise, topic wise, and many more indices, the most innovative approach is utilised to conduct graphical and tabular analysis

Reports on the accuracy metre, the status o' metre, the speed-o' metre, and the latent-o-meter should be provided to students so that they may better understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

Logging into the school's website, students can see their own achievement on the online exam solutions.

Anytime parents want, they are invited to come in and see the progress

Due to the help of management teams, many educational institutions now enjoy complete autonomy when it comes to administering online assessments.

The new profiles of students and teachers will include all of the relevant information on various examinations, results/performances, and analyses, among other things.

Students, professors, and administrators will be able to handle all examinations using their personal accounts, which will be connected with the online examination software system (OES).

The pupils should be given a test to complete at a predetermined time and date, within a certain time period or duration, and at any moment throughout class (open for any date).


Now you know all the advantages and ways of giving online assessment on a portal. You will actually be able to find out more about it once you actually start using it. When you are accustomed to working digitally, it can be difficult to make the move to pen and paper, and it can be quite exhausting if done for an extended length of time.The best online exam solution makes this process streamlined and simple. Thus, you can enter the Yoctel platform and create an online assessment and tracking system that makes management easier. Head over now and transform your online assessment practices right away.