You would know this if you are in the education field, especially one where it is your responsibility to select questions, rewrite them, get the questions proofread, and check for repetition.

Collecting and Correcting the test copies manually. A lot of teachers' and invigilators' time is invested in this tiresome process.

With modern technology, everything has made its way to the internet Online portals, and websites. Even the education system is getting heated and More Popular day by day, So it seems fit that the internet-based tests and Examinations will also get the same popularity.

As a result different educational institutions and Establishments are opting for internet-based online tests for different exams. Online exams are replacing and to some extent have returned the traditional examination approach of standing in long queues to collect the admit cards and wait for your turn to enter the examination hall.

In order to level these expectations, Yoctel’s Exam on Air (EOA), is the most sophisticated, innovative, and User-friendly Online exam software platform to help clients automate their examination process. From registration of the students to creating test papers everything is controlled by the clients.

It is not just a testing platform, but a lot more than that. You can generate, Upload tests as well as track the progress of the students and Share it with the teachers and parents.

This Online Examination software has profile pages for students as well as faculty members So that they can keep in touch with each other and Stay up to date with the activities that are happening. This platform not only caters to entrance examinations but also to competitive examinations like NEET, UPSC, IIT-JEE, etc.

Below are the features of EOA discussed that can be beneficial for your educational institutes and Establishments:

1. Multiple testing platforms: You can conduct any type of assessment or test suiting your needs. Tests for skill assessments, certification, and Employee evaluation.

2. It includes all types of question patterns to make sure that the students get to have the closest real experience of the Examination software online.

3. A Centralized administration provides the user with the facility of a centralized dashboard for everything related to the tests and examinations.

4. It helps you in creating any type of Exam pattern. Like MCQ, essay type, objective and skill-based questions, etc can be easily integrated into a single test.

5. An adaptive scoring algorithm enables you to evaluate the responses given by the students and determine the right level of easiness and Difficulty of a question to make sure that is the correct measure of the individual's knowledge.

6. You can enhance your student’s knowledge by offering student material in the form of readable writing as well as video material.

7. Insightful report generation on completion of Online Assessment Platform Software, an immediate report is generated based on the responses to help the students assess their skills and the concepts they are struggling in, along with suggestions that might help improve them.

8. Supports any kind of word file, be it an image question or mathematics/chemistry equation type.

Conclusion: Yoctel With the help of different measuring scales on the result report, the student will be able to determine his/her strengths and Weaknesses; and the suggestions provided could be a big help in improving the weak areas and Clearing the concepts. It has a lot of advantages that can be changed into benefits for your organization or institute, and also beneficial for the students.