As a result, fees have become a vital part of the education system, were paying for the fee comes first then everything else. And Managing the fee has become quite expensive in terms of time and it is a very tiring task; as it is not easy to manage the fee records with so much paperwork.

Therefore, it has become equally necessary for education establishments to have Student fees collection software, so that they have a hassle-free process of fee management, collection, and reporting.

Yoctel’s Student Management System (SMS) is online application software that is designed in an innovative and smart way. This software system enables educational institutions or school staff with a single, online point of access to oversee student-related activities such as keeping records of tests or examinations conducted, an appraisal of performance including details of marks scored, particulars of everyday school attendance, fee collection, and payment record.

Basically, this software provides an overall student records system. The software is designed in a manner that it manages all of the student-related activities as well as administrative functions of a university, school, or of any other educational establishment.

It has a Comprehensive Dashboard which makes it easier to recognize key features and experience convenient navigation for the administrators. The Smartphone's accordant design provides unhindered access to the application anywhere, anytime.

The Student Management Software has a Faculty Management System which helps in automating the entire establishment, self-sufficient in a way, and makes the workforce efficient.

It provides a single web-based point to approach to administer student-related activities and information such as keeping records of attendance, records of tests/examinations taken and marks scored against them, etc. It provides a complete student record system, which makes it even easier for even the administration as well as the faculty to manage all the records in one place together.

Advantages of Faculty Management System

1. Fast and Easy Recording of Attendance.

2. Creating, Managing, and Scheduling timetables. 

3. Notes/Case Studies Accessibility for Students.

4. A common point of communication between students and parents. 

5. Smart Access and Submission of Student Homework/Assignments.

What does Fee management do?

1. It helps add advanced multiple categories for fee deposits.

2. It helps keep a full record of the fee collection, i.e., how much fee is collected, how much is pending, etc.

3. The administrator can access them on a daily basis the fee payments.

4. An auto SMS alert is sent to the administrator on any new fee payment.

5. It provides you with a fee reminder, which students' fees are left to be paid.

6. It also generates comprehensive fee reports for refunds and scholarships.

7. Manage class schedules for different periods without conflicts.

8. Track students’ progress from initial inquiry to Admission & Enrollment.

9. Auto-invoicing & Payment options for tuition, lab & Other student fees.

10. Search & Enroll for courses & Simplify class registration.

11. Mark classroom attendance from mobile devices or via biometric/RFID.

12. Manage class schedules for different periods without conflicts.

Conclusion: With this Student Management system, one can access and manage school 24x7 anytime, anywhere, with just one touch on the smartphone. It has simplified the education and fee management system. It is made with user experience and smart innovation to integrate and help the students, teachers, and parents communicate with each other easily. The Student fees collection software allows the administrator to keep a check on the fee payments of the students, and the pending and half-paid fees of the students. The administrator can keep a check on a daily basis on the payment of the fee and on a new fee, payment gets an SMS alert.