Here's a general guide on how OMR answer sheets are typically checked:

Traditional OMR Sheet Checking:

Design the OMR Sheet: 

• Create an OMR sheet with questions and corresponding answer options.

• Use a specific format for marking answers, such as filling in circles or bubbles.

Print the OMR Sheets:

• Print the designed OMR answer sheets using a high-quality printer to ensure clarity.

Distribute OMR Sheets:

• Distribute the OMR answer sheets to the participants along with instructions on how to mark their answers.

Collect Answer Sheets:

• After the participants have completed the exam, collect the OMR answer sheets.

Use OMR Scanner:

• Use an OMR scanner, which is a specialized device designed to read and interpret the marked bubbles on the sheets.

• Feed the sheets into the scanner, which will capture and digitize the marked responses.

OMR Software Analysis:

• Use OMR software to analyze the scanned data.

• The software will interpret the marked responses and generate results.

Review Results:

• Review the results for accuracy and completeness.

Automated OMR Software:

Alternatively, some institutions and organizations use automated OMR software to streamline the process further. Here's how it generally works:

Design OMR Template:

• Create a template in the OMR software, defining the layout of questions and answer options.

Scan OMR Sheets:

• Use a regular scanner to scan the completed OMR sheets or use a dedicated OMR scanner.

Import Data:

• Import the scanned images into the OMR software.

Define Answer Key:

• Specify the correct answers for each question to create an answer key.

Process and Analyze:

• Let the OMR software process the scanned images and analyze the marked responses against the answer key.

Review and Export Results:

• Review the results generated by the software.

• Export results in various formats for record-keeping or further analysis.

Keep in mind that the specific steps may vary based on the OMR Software you are using. If you are dealing with a large-scale examination, it's recommended to use dedicated OMR solutions to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the checking process.