Students have been using optical character recognition (OMR) software over the past few years to assist them bubble-in their responses, making it easier for them to submit their replies. With  COVID-19, online tests have become the standard, and it is critical to develop a means to make it easier for everyone to take and analyse these examinations. It’s important that schools follow the CBSE guidelines for OMR based tests.

Why must you invest in a testing system?

A number of features are available that enable the process of creating, evaluating, and submitting online tests easier for anybody who wishes to do so. Our simple software can make it easier for you or your school to create and administer exams by automating the process. 

With the onset of the pandemic, it’s become harder for everyone to conduct objective-style tests without a proper process. That’s why we’re giving you the platform to effectively conduct examinations that make your life easier - both for students and examiners.

It’s super important that schools begin adopting this software before the term exams that are happening in the months of November. By allowing students to practice as much as possible before taking the examinations, they can prepare them the right manner so that their exams are a breeze. The software can be quickly implemented and teachers too, can save time when it comes to evaluating, thus focusing more on helping those students who are slower.

The new CBSE recommendations for OMR-based examinations include the following:

According to the New Guidelines released by the CBSE (Central Board of Central Education) on July 5, 2021, Circular No: Acad-51/2021, the Academic Session 2021-22 will feature multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

The I Term test will be held between November and December 2021, with a period ranging from four to eight weeks. On the test paper, there will be multiple-choice questions to answer (MCQ). Create and submit tests are made easy for both sides by the use of the OMR MCQ Test for Mid Term CBSE Board, which is available online.

The responses of students will be recorded on OMR sheets, and the institution will be able to analyse and report the findings collected, or they can choose to publish the OMR sheets themselves.

OMR sheet reader technology is one of the most effective OMR solutions for schools, universities, and other organisations when it comes to analysing big bundles of sheets. It has the ability to read hundreds of sheets each minute and deliver exact findings in a short amount of time. 

This technology is advantageous since it reduces the amount of labour required and the overall cost involved with document processing, while also allowing for time savings.

What is the problem that OMR software for CBSE Schools solves?

A). According to CBSE standards, the following two tests will be administered using optical mark recognition (OMR). This OMR software will handle all of the issues that a school may have while delivering examinations using optical mark recognition (OMR).

B). You may conduct an OMR-based test for CBSE inside your school and save a significant amount of money by not contracting with a third-party vendor.

C). In this case, you will not need to engage extra employees to administer the OMR Based Test for CBSE Schools because your IT staff will be trained to do so.

D). You may want to provide your employees and students with enough practise so that they are comfortable using an OMR software scanner.

E). The OMR sheet reader produces the results in minutes, allowing you to save both time and resources.

As a school, you will be well-prepared for the mid-term examinations.

YOMARK can assist you in the following ways:

In addition to admission forms, test paper response sheets, psychometric tests, and survey/feedback forms,we can read and analyse any sort of optical mark recognition (OMR) checker.

Yomark provides a fantastic working environment for its employees. The OMR sheet checking software is widely used for conducting exams at all levels, from kindergarten to professional, in today's society. OMR sheets are used to give exams that are either objective or multiple choice in nature.

You can use our software for standardised tests, competitive exams, recruitment exams, and other OMR sheet applications such as scientific surveys, marketing surveys, statics surveys, inventory, attendance sheets, feedback for employees, and other OMR sheet applications. 

Yomark provides a complete OMR sheet processing solution for academic institutions, government organisations, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Professional and educational in nature:

A CBSE entrance form, a test paper answer sheet, psychometric examinations, or survey/feedback forms are all examples of OMR software that can be read and assessed by Yomark.

It aids you in taking into account a variety of aspects of analysis and provides conclusions and reports that are based on your point of view. 

Different types of response collection:

Unlike any other application of its sort, you enjoy great flexibility with our services.

Depending on your requirements, you can gather filled OMR bubbles, check rectangular boxes, or cross squares together. Yomark's advanced OMR software for CBSE board exam allows you to collect information in the form of a cropped photo or handwritten text (only in capitals or numbers) as well.

Precision to the highest degree (ZET–zero error tolerance approach)

Yomark will create reports for you by just running your files through it. Forget about making mistakes and reporting them. Using a random sample of 10,000 sheets, We assure you 99.99 percent accuracy, and 1 lac uniform pages are guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate.

Compatibility with type-free optical character recognition (OCR) sheets

Create an OMR sheet (in Paint Brush, Corel Draw, Photoshop, or even Microsoft Word!) and print it off. If you follow the instructions on the first page and print it on basic A4 paper, your OMR sheets will be ready. Yomark, on the other hand, is ready to assess! Continue to gather responses on these pages; no unique paper type, no specific colour or dye, and no specific print are required for this collection.

Simple to Operate:

Yomark ensures that all worldwide norms and standards are adhered to during the development process, ensuring that even the icons, layout, and techniques of using the software are almost comparable to how you think and are consistent across the whole product. 

Our software requires just a little bit of concentration and precision, so even a complete novice may learn how to use it in less than half an hour.


With Yoctel, you are working with experts who understand the examination environment in India better than anyone else. With our proprietary OMR software, you’ll be able to enjoy better service and help students reach their objectives and goals faster. By conducting better tests, students can also improve.