NEET is a test that determines a student's qualification or eligibility for admission to approved/recognized medical institutes in India and overseas for MBBS and other undergraduate medical programs.

NEET Exam 2021 will be conducted using the help of OMR software. 

The NEET exam has been OMR-based since XXXX days and most of the aspirants who would be reattempting this exam are aware of the pen and paper-based exam format that was held for so long.

But there is a big change in the exam pattern of NEET 2021 which is going to be very crucial for many. All the aspirants have to be aware of this change in the new exam pattern.

NEET exam pattern for the year 2021 - It has been announced that the NEET 2021 test pattern, as well as an information booklet, would be issued by the National Testing Agency (NTA). According to the most recent revision of the NEET exam pattern 2021, there'll be a total of 200 questions, with applicants required to answer 180 questions out of 200. 

The questions in the NEET test pattern are separated into two portions - Section A and Section B - to make it easier to understand. Section A will consist of 35 questions, while Section B will consist of 15 questions. Section B has 15 questions, and applicants are required to answer ten of these questions.

A. One correct response will get four marks, while one incorrect answer will deduct one.

B. It is not necessary to attempt all of the questions on the test.

C. There is no negative grading for questions that are not tried.

D. You will be unable to modify your selection after you have submitted your response.

Multiple responses will be regarded as wrong responses and will result in a negative grade being assigned.

Any institute or School which is preparing the students for this NEET 2021, needs to adopt an OMR SOlution which can handle this NEW NEET Exam Pattern. It is their responsibility to ensure that students get enough practice and understanding of how to follow the attempt rule while filling the OMR sheet. 

The students have to be very attentive and focused in bubbling the attempted choice. Once Single mistake in bubbling the answer can be fatal for students' selection.

The Schools and institutes who are preparing their students for this competitive exam needs to ensure that they adopt or upgrade (if they already have any) to an OMR Software that can score the OMR sheets on the New Exam Pattern.

Mock Tests, which are a standard practice are graded properly as per the NEET exam pattern. The schools and institutes have to explain the impact of the new marking system on the students’ scores.

MOCK TESTS,which is a standard practice before any such exam,  which these organisations are conducting for their students, are properly scored and graded as per the Latest Neet Exam Pattern. The Institute's schools need to explain the impact of this new marking system on the Score which the students are getting.

We’ve consolidated all the information for schools and institutes to properly explain to students the right way to go about marking their papers:

What exactly is the OMR software? 

It is a computer software program that enables OMR on a desktop computer by processing surveys, tests, attendance sheets, checklists, and other plain-paper forms printed on a laser printer using an image scanner. Data is captured from OMR sheets using OMR software.

A majority of enterprises have converted to the use of OMR Sheets due to the risk of security and storage in the traditional paper storage method. OMR is the abbreviation for Optical Mark Reader or Optical Mark Recognition. The sheets are pre-printed on paper and are made up of bubbles that label the relevant information. A candidate must use a pen or pencil to mark these circular bubbles against the most speculative alternative.

NEET exam 2021 will be conducted using the help of OMR sheet checking software. The crucial thing for students who attend the NEET exam 2021 is to understand exactly how the OMR sheet checking software works. Unless the answers are given in a very clear, systematic and legible way, the OMR checker will not be able to process the answers. For a student who has paid money for NEET exam 2021 training and who has spent his time preparing, this is a very painful result to obtain. It is the responsibility of schools and institutes who are training students to appear for the NEET exams, to also efficiently train them in bubbling their OMR sheets. 

Because NEET Exam 2021 is a pen-and-paper exam, candidates must ensure that they correctly fill out the responses on the NEET OMR sheet. While filling in the bubbles on the NEET 2021 OMR sheet, distracted candidates sometimes make foolish blunders. The right manner for filling out the responses has been provided below for the candidates' benefit. This should also be taught to them in a very focused manner. 

At the NEET exam center 2021, candidates will be given a black/blue ballpoint with which to fill in the responses on the NEET 2021 OMR sheet. It is necessary to fill the full bubble in order for the response to be considered legitimate.

Finding the proper OMR Software, on the other hand, is critical since you can make mistakes if you don't have the right software. Here at YOCTEL, we offer some of the top NEET 2021 OMR sheet, which means you can use them to assist students prepare for their exams in a smart and efficient manner.

New marking scheme:

The following is the marking scheme: Each question will be worth four points. For each right response, a total of four points will be awarded. It is possible to receive negative marking in this test; one point will be removed for each wrong response. Candidates are only permitted to use a blue or black ball point pen to mark their answers on the examination paper.
(You need to explain the New marking scheme somewhere in these points)

Institutions who are looking to update to the latest marking software for the upcoming exams need to choose a software that can take in markings of varied degrees and types. The change in the marking scheme, which is the latest system, may not be recognised or updated by older marking systems. The best thing to do would be to update to the latest OMR software. NEET exam 2021 will be conducted using the latest marking software. 

The importance of good OMR software will never be lost on students and teachers and guides should be the ones training them for the same. Competitive exams like NEET Exam 2021 are tough exams, so the students are usually preoccupied with their preparations.
Getting the answers correctly recorded by an OMR sheet is something they need to be well-trained. If your institution manages to get a strong OMR software and provides ample training, then the students will be prepared for their exam. 

At Yoctel, we understand the need for a strong OMR software that will ensure that the students can concentrate on their preparations and subject study without too many hassles about the OMR sheet reader. The NEET 2021 OMR sheet has been released and is available for download by students. 

With YOMARK software from Yoctel, Yomark OMR software will read or analyse any type of YOMARK for you, whether it's an admission form, a test paper response sheet, psychometric exams, or survey/feedback forms. Yomark allows you to have a fantastic time working on it.
It assists you in considering numerous parameters of analysis and generates results and reports that are tailored to your preferences. Yomark users may now see into the minds of their respondents. So, if you are an institute training students to apply for NEET, Yomark is your best and safest bet.

One of the problems that students face with the NEET Latest exam pattern is that they are not really getting used to the process they need to follow to get their answers accepted by the OMR software scanner. When you work on YOMARK, you will enjoy the highly-organized, clean, consistent, and convenient screen interface.

YOMARK ensures that all international rules and standards are adhered to when building the software, so the icons, as well as the layout and methods of usage, are practically identical to how you think and are consistent across the software. Users of YOMARK are required to have a relatively low level of focus and precision, making it easy for a beginner to master it in less than half an hour.

What are the positives of switching to Yomark from Yoctel?

1. It’s an all-in-one assessment platform.

2. Compatible with all scanners.

3. High Speed and High Accuracy software.

4. Innovative reporting and analysis.

5. Flexible for designing sheets. 

The software offers a number of options for creating a marking scheme for the test papers to be graded. To name a few, there's single correct, multiple correct, negative marking, partial marking, weighted marking, and matching the column (matrix type) with row or item based marking. In reality, each question or each choice of a question can have its own marking scheme.

The create your own template feature allows users to construct their own OMR template, which is a template for reading OMR sheets. Actually, the user gets to design their OMR sheets as needed and has them printed, after which a blank OMR sheet is scanned and imported into this module of the software, and the user develops a template based on the scanned sheet.

Creating a template entails indicating the position and location of several types of fields with their characters on an OMR sheet, such as Name, Roll No., Questions, Question type, Location or class code, and their equivalent response, among other things.

If your organization or university is conducting OMR-based exams like the NEET exam 2021, then remember to choose Yomark from Yoctel.