Question paper generation is a really important process for the educational organization, be it a school or a training institution. It takes a lot of resources and exam/subject expertise for test paper generation.

When a question paper is in the process of getting prepared the faculty or the teachers have just one goal to achieve, that is to fulfill their role as an examiner; to prepare the question paper with a required number of pre-set questions from their Question Bank Management and Not properly able to explore the question bank for more appropriate questions due to the lack of time.


The teacher and the typists spend a huge number of hours just editing, and copy-pasting the question paper. A lot of questions get missed out just so the task of a paper generation gets completed in time.

Yoctel’s Chronon test paper generator is the best solution to your question paper generation problems. With this software, you will have the ability to decide within minutes to make the test ready within a few minutes.

Generally, the schools or institutes are dependent on the teachers as well as the typists when it comes to preparing question papers.

But with this Question paper generator software you can not only it will rid yourself of the typists and teachers for conducting and preparing for tests/question papers but also save time in preparing for tests.

Having a good set of questions is vital and using them intelligently is equally important. With the help of chronon, you can manage the questions systematically in an organized manner in a digital form, which will help you in finding duplicate and similar questions in the database. Chronon has a variety of versions.

It is available both with questions and without questions, as per the requirement of the user. With the database of this software, the questions can be classified or categorized on the basis of exams, subjects, chapters, level of easiness, or difficulty.

It can be used to work on any type of question set, namely: MCQs single, multiple, or group, true and false, match the column, subjective or descriptive type of questions. Math type 6 or higher version questions, with or without equations (depending upon the user’s requirement) can also be managed with the help of this software.

This can be used to generate question papers for not only school board exams but also competitive examinations (including medical examinations) like IIT-JEE, UPSC, and many more.

Chronon being an Automatic Paper Generator Software also helps in separating question parts from each other. Like it can identify the questions, answers, and solutions; and separately save them for the user so that they can easily recover when and however they need to.

Depending upon the requirements or the type of examination it is believed that the test paper needs to be tested. Chronon provides you with precisely that, it provides an innovative module to create a test sample.

In this what can be done is that the basic structure of the test can be designed, as to how many sections are required for the question/test paper, also the criteria of sub-sections (if any) whether it will have different chapters and topics covered along with the selection of question type. Lastly, the number of questions to be asked can be set in the test template.

This whole process of template creation is based on drag and drop, just like organizing a song playlist. To know more about Yoctel’s CHRONON Software, you can check online.