It is a tool specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of the educational institute, Coaching center, and School. The software has various features and modules that help the teachers and staff in maintaining student records, their academic history, and other important information related to the students.

SIMS is an acronym for Student Management System and is the best solution used to manage the entire school. With the help of this software, the administration can easily maintain records during the admission process. For example, the school receives thousands of applications in each academic session and they find it difficult to manage it and Acclimate all the information in one place, and entering each information in the register is time-consuming. Therefore, the software has reduced all the efforts of the administrative body.

What is School Management Software? 

School management software completely transforms your school completely. It is a vital tool as it ensures a secured database with authenticated login system right from online inquiry, and Applications to managing student, staff as well faculty data. This software can be easily operated through the web and Mobile and on the other hand, it is cost-effective and the best software for every school to avail. 

The most crypted software enables the school to maintain the Registration, Admission process, Attendance, Faculty Management Software, and Timetable scheduling and can easily connect your school with parents, teachers, faculty and management, and everyone.

Let’s see how school entire activity is managed through this software

1. Administration: School administration can now relax using this software as they can manage students, staff, and parents anytime. With the facilities like email, chats, and SMS information can be circulated easily. Students' performance such as class-wise and subject-wise performance tracking, report generation along with the graph. Other management such as a library, transportation, hostel, and fees are managed under one umbrella. Also, a student’s ID card is issued. For example, Student's entire record is managed in this software as well as a student's profile is created. Their academic documents are also maintained which was required during admission. The administrative body further provides the information to the student such as their section, roll number, when will the new session begin, ID, and class time- table.


2. Teachers or faculty: This software has lessened teachers' and faculties' work as all the needs are fulfilled for the smooth functioning of the class. Time tables, homework, grade book, worksheet, examinations, and question banks can be quickly accessed. They can also get support and help from their co-teachers through internal chat. Graphs and reports can be easily generated for the teachers in order to view the performance of the student. Notification, reminders, and communication can be done. On the other hand, Yoctel SIMS can be operated easily through mobile. Marking attendance, responding to students’ queries immediately, and student progress feedback can be provided.

3. Parents: This software is beneficial for parents as they track their child’s progress. Parents can easily communicate with teachers and school administrators. They can pay fees online, track transport, and have quick access to the weekly plan, homework, timetable, exam schedule, and Result helping the parents to be involved in their child’s progress. They can easily browse educational videos and the school library from anywhere and anytime. They can be updated with parents’ teachers' meet schedules. This software makes the parents so comfortable that they feel a connection with the school all the time.

4. Students: Students can excel in their performance and even view whether all the assignments, homework, and worksheets are submitted on time. They can even access the library, educational videos, and grade cards. Students can connect to their class teacher and their subject teacher through chat and get all their doubts cleared. 


School Management Software is the best solution for schools and other academic institutes. It makes the work of the school administration easy. It has features that connect students, teachers, parents, and Schools in one platform and Provides an immediate solution to all the queries raised by the parent, teachers, and students.