Here are a few popular ones Yomark & OMR Guru:

Yomark OMR Software: Yomark OMR software is a versatile software that allows you to design and analyze OMR forms. It supports a wide range of question types and offers powerful data analysis and reporting capabilities.

OMR Guru: OMR Guru is another widely used OMR software that provides tools for creating and grading OMR forms. It offers customizable templates, and data validation features, and can integrate with other systems for seamless data transfer.

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1. Yomark Basic Elementary: Yomark Basic Elementary is an advanced data capture software that includes OMR capabilities. It can process various types of forms, including surveys, tests, and questionnaires, and extract data from them accurately. Yomark Basic Elementary for a lifetime - 36K.

2. Yomark Basic Advance: Yomark Basic Advance is a comprehensive data capture solution that supports OMR technology. It offers features for form design, data capture, and analysis. Yomark is often used in educational institutions and government agencies. Yomark Basic Advance for a lifetime - 48K.

3. Yomark Premium Elementary: Yomark  Premium Elementary is a well-known provider of OMR solutions. They offer software and hardware solutions for capturing, processing and analyzing OMR forms. Their software is known for its reliability and accuracy. Yomark Premium Elementary for a lifetime - 56K.

It's important to note that the Best OMR software for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Consider factors such as the complexity of your forms, the volume of data you need to process, and integration options with other systems when selecting an OMR software. Additionally, it's recommended to try out demo versions or free trials of the software to see if they meet your expectations before making a purchasing decision.