Various software solutions are available for OMR processing. Some commonly used software for OMR include:

The best OMR checking software can vary depending on individual needs and preferences. Different software options offer various features, pricing models, and compatibility with specific hardware and systems. 

It's important to consider factors such as ease of use, accuracy, scalability, integration capabilities, and customer support when evaluating OMR checking software

Here are a few popular and well-regarded options in the field:

Yomark OMR Software: It is a popular software package that provides comprehensive OMR functionality, including form design, scanning, and data analysis. The Only OMR Software which can handle ICR* & #OMR both effectively. Don't buy any random OMR Software, Because most of the software is not compatible with the CBSE Guideline. YOMARK provides a complete OMR sheet processing solution for educational institutes, government organizations & NGOs for pre-examination & Post-examination processing of entrance exams, competitive exams, recruitment exams & other application areas of OMR sheets include scientific surveys, marketing survey, statics survey, inventory, attendance sheet, feedback forms, election forms and many more.

OMR Guru Software: Although primarily known for its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities, OMR Guru also supports OMR processing for extracting data from scanned forms. Read or evaluate any kind of OMR sheet that is, it may be an admission form or test paper answer sheet or psychometric tests or survey/ feedback forms, OMR Guru reads everything for you. OMR Guru gives you an amazing experience of working on it. The software provides you the never before options to create or generate reports as per your requirements. It not only contains lots of default patterns of use full reports but also provides you the flexibility to create your own indices and parameters to customize your self-text, tabular, and graphical reports of your requirements.

These are just a two examples, and there may be other OMR software solutions available in the market. Ultimately, the best OMR checking software depends on your specific requirements and preferences. It's recommended to evaluate different options, consider trial versions, and seek user reviews or demonstrations to determine which software aligns best with your needs and budget.