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Examination Software Case Study

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The University had 100 colleges and 70 streams and 10,000 students. Every Semester they had to take 50,000 exams.

The complete exercise of examination use to run for 3 months and 70% of the staff was always engaged in one or the other activity.

Printing and Packaging of all the Question Papers used to take 1 month.

The exam was conducted at 500 centers, so the distribution of Question Paper and Collection of OMR answer sheet was a tedious job.

The Preparation of the Result used to take 20 to 30 days.

The distribution of Score to students used to take complete 2 months.


As all the colleges and center have computer lab, the University Planned to change the method of examination from offline to online. The client reached us with the requirement to move to online testing and we assisted the client in doing the same.

Decided to do all the test online.

Arranged Online sessions for training the people involved at different centers.

Conducted Dummy Tests to make the students accustomed to Online Test.  

Centralized team to manage all the tests.  

Started conducting Test online.  


The Test paper management and effort was reduced by 70% as all the tests were uploaded on platform online test and allotted to students from a single centralized location.

Huge cost saving as the printing, packaging, distribution and re-collection of OMR Answer sheets was not required.

The Online required less management.

The Result Generation time reduced to 1 week.