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OMR Checker Case Study

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Brief about organization:

A Government Organization which conducts PAN India Exams for Government Jobs.


There were multiple exams which were conducted throughout the year.

It was very cumbersome for the department to introduce Tender for each exam as no of candidates are less for most of the vacancies as no. of seats is less

The per candidate Costing for hiring an agency to evaluate the result was very high.

Too much paperwork for each exam.

Scattered result as each center produced their own Result


The Department decided to procure the OMR software so that they can handle the evaluation of most of the exam which have less no of candidates.

Deployed OMR Solution at the office of the Exam committee of the department.

Trained multiple staff at the office for zero dependency.

Assisted the department in redesigning the online OMR sheet for better accuracy. 

Product: YOMARK – OMR Software


Reduced the process of Hiring an agency for each exam to 70%

No dependency on any Vendor or agency for result generation.

The result Generation time reduced drastically.