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Ever thought about giving online tests and getting huge benefits out of it at the same time? Presenting an Online test software that supports any form of examinations - from school quarterlies, mid-terms and semester exams for colleges, entrance exams and more. Here, you will get to know how you can use this software, it’s advantages, guide and details for enhancing your online exam experience.

Drastic change in the Education System

Due to the changing times, there is a huge change as to how schools/institutes conduct exams. The online mode is preferred by many as it is a convenient and easier option to give exams. The faculties find it easier for arrangements as there are less resources and no specific place required to gather.
In these pandemic times, it was not possible to conduct examinations if this online option was not available. Students cannot afford risking their career. So, everyone decided to switch to this online option.

Online Examination Software System

Why schools/institutes should adopt online exam system

As a result of the increased usage of information technology, children are getting more familiar with the internet and personal computers, which is a good thing.

A consequence of this is that the internet-based education system is growing increasingly popular. To go on in the same spirit, web/internet-based online examinations have become the latest trend, and as a result, they are growing increasingly popular and important.

Every year, an increasing number of educational institutions choose to employ web/internet-based online tests for a range of their varied evaluations, and this trend is expected to continue.

Although this used to be a challenge for even the most prestigious educational institutions, it has grown less challenging in recent years.

It is the mission of Examonair, an online exam platform, to provide its clients with the most modern, innovative, and user-friendly online test platform accessible, allowing them to completely simplify their examination process in order to fulfil their needs.

The information in a candidate's signature, image, and contact information may all be used by the system to help build the smartest online software.

Benefits for Schools and Students

In addition to accurate test results, you will also receive an in-depth analysis

Send comprehensive remarks and comments as feedback to students

At the same time, manage a number of different test centre activities

It is compatible with a wide range of languages

You can also do an online examination system demo

By providing its customers with the most sophisticated, innovative, and user-friendly online test portal accessible, the company claims to be able to completely automate their online examination process.
From student attendance and registration to the preparation of exam papers for them to the posting of study material as well as question papers on their own, our clients have complete control over everything and can Conduct online tests easily

Ideal features of an Online Exam Creator Software


Website that offers all-in-one testing and online examinations
Any sort of test or assessment to suit your unique testing requirements, including school or institution examinations, Online test conducting software for assessment tasks, certifications, pre-hire assessments, and the development of professionals and evaluations, among other things.


Create any Exam Pattern you like, as long as it is legal
Taken together, various question types (MCQs, objective questions, essay-style short answers, abilities questions, calculation questions, personality assessments, and so on) may be readily incorporated into a single assessment by taking the various exam patterns into consideration.


A centralised administration structure is as follows
Create a centralised area where you can keep track of all of your tests, quizzes, and assessments. Everything is managed through a single administration dashboard, from which you can set examinations, register students, assign students, and review reports.


The following is a method for adaptive testing
It is possible for adaptive scoring systems to analyse students' replies and determine the appropriate degree of challenge for each question on the online exam website, ensuring that the test result is a true representation of the individual's skills.


Studies that are insightful and assist you in identifying your weaknesses
When you finish an examination, you will receive an immediate report that will help you to better understand the topics where you're having difficulties, as well as suggestions on how you may improve them.


Enrolling a large number of students is important
Using an Excel spreadsheet, you may enrol a large number of new students at the same time. Furthermore, they will be automatically confirmed by sending an e-mail message to the address provided.

Feature comparison of Yoctel and other Exam portals




Test upload before time

Cannot upload before the time ends because of which the students have to wait in some portals. 

With the help of Yoctel's Online Exam Programme Manager, you can upload the whole test paper in the format of your choosing minutes before the planned exam time (OTM).

Hassle free tests

The system lags a lot and leads to mismanagement from the administrator’s end.The examination can be discontinued due to this.

Any authorised individual can conduct a hassle-free online test using Yoctel's Online Test Manager (OTM), which would be included with the service in the event that an administrator cannot be reached.

Comparison of offline and online learning

There is no comparison provided as such. The students experience the difference themselves while giving the online exam.

Provide a comparison between the standing of your offline test students and the outcomes of your online exam pupils who are using the same platform to carry out this study and evaluation.

Performance evaluation

Overall performance cannot be determined due to portals that do not disclose all the factors considered while checking a student’s paper

Individual student's or a group of students' overall performance, a variety of elements are considered when evaluating them are determined. 

Statistical analyses

Clear comparison in the form of charts, graphs and tables is not provided as there is no facility in the portal to do so.

Graphical and tabular analyses were conducted on a number of indices, including test paper wise, subject wise, batch/section wise,  and topic wise, among many other indices, using the most innovative approach possible.

Determining student’s strengths and weaknesses 

Students get to know about their strengths and weaknesses while giving the exam directly that can be even wrong sometimes.

Provide them with reports relevant to the design of various metres, such as the accuracy metre, the status of metre, and the speed of metre, among others.

Students’ reports

Students can only see their progress in their report cards given by the universities. 

When students log in to their own profile page on the school's website, they will be able to see how they performed on the online exam Solutions.

Parents' involvement.

Parents cannot keep a track of their child’s progress as they are not allowed to join in and see their child’s progress.

At any time throughout the participation, parents can join in and keep a track of the progress.

Full administrative control

There is no full control of administration because of poor management teams that do not give them the full authority to handle the portals.

Because of the efforts of their management teams, several educational institutions have achieved absolute control in the administration of online assessments.

Students’ and teachers’ information 

Only the results and other personal information is included.

Among other things, the new accounts of students and teachers will include all of the necessary information on various tests as well as results/performances and analyses, among other things.

Using your private account to access the assessment. 

Here, you can use the Ids registered on the portal or on the university site. Only this will help you login to your system and check your data, tests, profiles etc.

Using their private accounts on the system, which will be linked with the online examination software system, administrators will be able to handle any and all examinations, students, and teachers, as well as personal data, tests, profiles, and performance analyses (OES).

Customized tests that let you complete on time.

The students are instructed to complete a specific test on time and submit it on the portal.

Create a test and give it to the students, instructing them to complete it at a predetermined time and date, within a specific duration, and at any moment during the course of the session (open for any date).


When you enter the Yoctel platform, you can create a management-friendly online assessment and tracking system. A simple yet advanced portal that helps you build knowledge, gain experience and learn in a comprehensive manner anytime and anywhere. You also improvise on your time management, observation, writing and presentation skills that will help you even further in future.

Give your exams with a lot of practice and be thorough with all the concepts with a portal that stays with you everywhere you go!