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Brief about organization:

A leading Institute in UPSC and IAS preparation in India, they have centers in New Delhi , Bangalore and Jaipur, they have nearly 5000 students


Conducting Weekly tests for 5,000 students in a day.

Conducting the same test at all centers.

Printing of Question paper and OMR Sheets, huge cost as bilingual paper was required as per UPSE structure.

Managing 10,000 copies OMR sheet after each test.

Scattered result as each center produced their own Result.


We implemented the Online Test Platform . The client was able to conduct hassle free tests every week.

Test paper generation and Management became very easy, as it was possible to do it from 1 location

The Same test was given to all centers and students online.

No printing required. Supports Bilingual Paper Online

No paperwork or OMR sheet processing, management required

Able to generate Overall and Center wise result.


Single Node management for Test conduction, reduced the work effort by 80%.

The cumbersome process of arranging the same test at all locations was reduced to ZERO.

Huge Printing cost saved as Question paper and OMR Sheet printing were not required.

After Test Management time, effort, cost reduced by 100%.

Online Result Generation effort reduced to ZERO