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When it comes to online assessment, it’s important that you have the right platform. Examinations today are taken digitally, and it’s super crucial that you’re able to find the right software to conduct them.

Problems faced by Schools and Institutes

  While there are considerable resources like various stationery required to conduct exams online, it takes a lot of investment to do so. This can lead to poor facilities, arrangements and results.

  The supervisor may not be able to keep an eye on everyone like a well- built exam portal can.

  They need to call students from far away places to give exams which is inconvenient for many.

  The corrections may not be accurate sometimes and this may lead to partiality and dissatisfaction of students.

  Only limited people exams can be conducted with offline exams.

Online Examination Software System

What is an Online Exam Portal?

An Online Exam Portal is a technology based assessment creation that allows you to give exams anywhere.

It consists of a variety of objective, subjective and practical questions just like you have in your offline examination.

Ideal features of an Online Exam Portal


All-in-One Testing and online examination website
Deliver any type of test or assessment to meet your specific testing requirements, including school or institution exams, tests for assessment tasks, certifications, pre-hire assessment, and creating professionals and evaluations, among other things. If you’re part of a school or coaching institution, and want to conduct a quick and seamless class test, mid-term or semester examination, you can choose a test series that works best for you.


Create whatever Exam Pattern you like
Keeping in mind different exam trends, any question type - MCQs, objective questions, essay short answers, skills-based questions, computation questions, and personality tests, among others - can be easily integrated into a single assessment by taking into consideration the different exam patterns.


Administration that is centralised
Organize all of your exams, quizzes, and assessments in one convenient location. It's all done from a single administrative console: you can create exams, register students, allocate students, and check reports


Algorithm for Adaptive Testing
The Online Exam Website allows for adaptive scoring algorithms to assess students' responses and decides the appropriate level of difficulty for each question, ensuring that the test result is an accurate reflection of the individual's abilities.


Insightful reports that help you identify your areas of weakness
Provides an immediate report upon completion of each exam to assist you in understanding the topics in which you are having difficulty, as well as ideas on how you may better them.

Benefits for Schools/Institutes

Make the switch to mobile!
In seconds, you may administer tests and track students' progression on Android and iOS devices

Get Accurate Test Results as well as In-Depth Analysis

Handle several test centre operations at the same time

Send comments or remarks with ease

Supports a variety of languages

With the most advanced, creative, and user-friendly Online Exam Portal available, we will assist students and examiners in totally automating their online examination procedure. Everything, from the student attendance to registration to the creation of test papers for them to the uploading of question papers on their own, is within the authority of our clients.

Here’s why you should opt for Yoctel as an effective website portal

With the help of Yoctel's Online Exam Programme Manager, you may upload the full test paper in the format of your choosing
minutes before the planned exam time (OTM).

Any authorised individual may conduct a hassle-free online test using Yoctel's Online Test Manager (OTM), which is provided with the service in the event that an administrator cannot be reached. It helps in the following ways

Provide a comparison between the state of your offline test students and the outcomes of your online exam students who are using the same platform to carry out the investigation and assessment.

To determine overall performance, students (either as individuals or as groups of students) and faculty are evaluated on a variety of different variables.

Graphical and tabular analyses were conducted on a number of indices, including batch/section wise, test paper wise, subject wise, and topic wise, among many other indices, using the most creative technique possible.

Providing students with reports on the design of various metres, such as the accuracy metre, status of metres, speed of metres, and latent of metres, is necessary so that they can better understand their own strengths and weaknesses. This is especially true for students who are new to the field of measurement.

When students connect onto their personal web profile page on the school's website, they will be able to see how they performed on the online exam Solutions.

Parents are invited to come in and see their children's performance whenever they like.

Because of the efforts of their management teams, several educational institutions have achieved total authority in the administration of online examinations.

Among other things, the new accounts of students and teachers will include all of the necessary information on various examinations as well as results/performances and analyses, among other things.

Using their personal accounts on the system, which will be connected with the Online examination software system, administrators will be able to handle any and all examinations, students, and instructors, as well as their information, tests, profiles, and performance analyses (OES).

Create a test and provide it to the students, instructing them to complete it at a certain time and date, within a specific time interval or length, and at any point throughout the course of the session (open for any date).


There are numerous benefits of an online exam portal that will make your examination experience hassle-free. It will help you with formatting in time management, performance tracking for students and faculty with test manager, analyzing your results graphically with the help of charts and graphs, accessible pertinent information for parents, faculties and students and many more advantages.

The best Online Exam Portal makes this process streamlined and simple.