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Online Examination Software case study

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Brief about organization:

A premiere institute based in Kota, Rajasthan , well known for providing coaching for Competitive exams in IIT JEE and NEET was conducting the Tests in Offline mode which was usually done on OMR Sheets.


Due to change in Exam policies, the actual IIT JEE exam was to happen online. The institute tried to reach out to the vendor who was managing their website. The website Vendor assured them that they will be able to make an online platform for them where their students can give the test Online

The Vendor took 3 months to prepare some basic solution for Online test. When the online test solution made by their vendor was ready, they realized that the solution can only support textual questions. The solution build by their website vendor did not support equations, diagrams which is a very integral part of IIT JEE Exams. As the thing were already delayed, the institute sent the question paper as pdf to students so that the students can see the missing equations and diagrams from the PDF file and attempt the rest online.

The 1st exam itself turned into a nightmare for them. The online solution was not as per the format of the IIT JEE Exam. The students where not able to give the test online properly as most of the questions where not displayed properly and they had to go back to the pdf file again and again. There were numerous calls which came from students, while the test was running, as the students wanted assistance for the issues.

Even after this big blunder, the vendor convinced the client to work on problems and issues which were in the 1st test and ensure that the next exam is error free.

In the next exam, there was a new challenge, the test which was uploaded online had to be changed. There were only 1 day left for the test. The institute asked the vendor to change the test. To their surprise the vendor said that they need at least 2 days to change the Paper. The institute insisted and the vendor said that they will try. The next day, before 1 hour of the test, the vendor declared that the new test is not ready, and they had to cancel the test.

After having burnt their hands, the Organization started looking for some examination software online


The Client searched and explored online and reached out to us. They required online test platform. We took their Test Paper and gave them a demo of the Online Test on their question paper.

Withing 3 days we were able to train their team, on how to use the online test platform. The best thing for them was that can manage all the things themselves. They can add students, upload question papers all by themselves and they were not depended on us for anything.

With our solution they can upload a paper even 5 mins before the test.

Earlier many students did not use to give test as they had to come to institute to give the test. After they implemented the online test, the no of people attempting the test increased as the students can give the test from their home.


The students were happy as they were able to give the test from the comfort of home, they were able to see the result after the test and even the solution of the test online. These things were missing when the tests were conducted offline.

After implementing our solution, the Institute started being recognized as an IT enabled Organization and their efficiency and output increased by 30%.