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Online Test Platform Case Study

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Brief about organization:

One of the leading institutes, provides professional courses like Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Python etc, and make the students ready for professional career and industry, the institute is based in Gurgaon, Haryana. They were facing challenges with the online test software they were using since a year.


Few of the issues to mention were, Delay in the delivery of the online test. Normally the final test was ready only 30 mins of the test time scheduled and the platform they were using required at least 5 hours, before the test can happen.

The solution which they were using made them copy paste each question one by one and that used to take a lot of time. On top of it, they could not make any correction to a question once the test has started. The other challenge was the marking scheme issue.

As per there exam pattern they had attempt rule in their paper. With the current solution they were using, they were not able to apply the attempt rule. They had to download the student’s responses on the test that too they had to request the vendor to provide from the backend and after that make manual result and send to students.

So even though they were using online test platform, they still were making manual result, which was many a time incorrect, used to take 1 to 2 days even when the exam was over. Overall, the organization was putting lot of effort to manage the things somehow, however the students were still not satisfied


The Client reach out to us for a better solution.

We gave them our online test platform –

They were able to upload the complete question paper in just 5 mins. They were happy to know that they can make corrections to a test which is running.

The Cherry on the Cake was the Attempt Rule feature which we have on our platform. That one feature resolved almost 80% of their problems which used to generate due to maul result making and publishing it later. Because of the attempt rule they were able to get the Result generated online without any human intervention.


Happy Students = Happy Client

Unlike other organizations, their team was already trained for using online solutions and that made our task easy.

It took us 1 day to train and solve the problem.