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Question Bank Management Case Study

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Brief about organization:

Leading Coaching Institute for Secondary Student in Bhopal. Established in 1993, it is one of the leading education service institution in Bhopal . The institute provide coaching for 8th , 9th and 10th standards, and prepare students for NTSE and Olympiads.  The institute is known for quality education and producing highest no. of rank holder students in Bhopal.


Making topic wise preparation and question bank for each so many subject is a tedious and time process .

The evaluation was also huge activity with administration cost.

Management is looking for electronics question bank management and automatic paper generator process tool so that, all  students can be provided with chapter/ topic/ section wise tests periodically.


Yoctel provdes electronics question bank management solution

The entire Question Bank of 8th- 10th Standard has been defined and imported in the system. Each Question is tagged with attributes like Subject, , Standard, Topic, Board (CBSE, ICSE, State etc). The automatic paper generator tool generates question for each standard with topic/ section wise periodically.

Able to genera rate weekly / Monthly and semester wise test for all standard and subject


The Test paper management and effort was reduced by 70% as all the tests were uploaded online and allotted to students from a single centralized location.

It made teaching, analysis easy for us & made learning easy for students.

Its very effective and easy to use.

Testimonials - Administration Head
We are using Yoctel – electronic question paper generator solution  from the last 2 years and found it user friendly. Most of the work related to question paper generation process has been automated.