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Why Us

The web projects undertaken by the company aim to comply with the W3 Consortium quality standards and are developed as per international performance norms. Our development center is based in New Delhi, which is vibrant with knowledge creation and enthusiasm with the presence of new world internet and software specialists. The company boasts of a team of Technology and Engineering graduates who together offer the intellectual foundation for a business as knowledge intensive as the Internet. We offer services and products across the entire band of the e-commerce spectrum for education establishments. Again, these are enhanced by powerful value-adds like web-based marketing and promotions.

A focused combination of all the aspects mentioned above not only ensures development of user-oriented world-class models, but also takes care of mission critical database management needs of our clients. In other words, we at Yoctel do not undertake projects as just creative work but as a value proposition involving creativity, technology and domain insight into clients’ value objectives. So, give us an opportunity to make a presentation and detailed demonstration of our solutions at your organization.We look forward to meet you at your earliest convenience.

Why choose Us

Here are some quick facts which will help you to know why choose us.

Dedicated Teams For Customers

Implementation, testing, integration and maintenance as per the world standards.

Known track record with domain & technology expertise.

Complete range of solutions for each and every need of any education establishment.

Faster service through a network of support locations.

Fully customized solutions according to your need.