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OMR Solutions Case Study

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Brief about organization:

One of the Leading organizations in Patna in the domain of SSC and Banking established since 2001. The Organization used to conduct 2 to 3 tests in a week and approx. 500 students in each test used to appear.


The nature of exam was Objective question paper, it used to take 2 to 3 days for them to prepare the result of the Tests. By the time they were ready with the Old Test Result, the New Test was already done. Despite investing 2 to 3 people for managing the Test checking and 2 to 3 days of time, the result still had issues and student used to come again and again that the Score given to them is not correct and then they had to recheck the copies for such cases. The exercise of 2 o 3 test in a week used to consume approx. 50% of there time and staff and still the result prepared had issues. The students were not satisfied with the result and the credibility of result was always in question.


The customer reached to us for help. We checked the process which the customer was following, and we recommended them to use our OMR Software, Yomark. It took only 3 days for us to implement the OMR Software at client side. We trained the staff at the client side and from the 4th day the client was able to make results using the OMR Software, Yomark. For a test given by 500 students, the client was able to prepare the result within 1 hour. The client was really surprised to see the impact. By using YOMARK, OMR Software, the client was able to produce error free Test Results. The time and effort were drastically reduced, and the client saw 90% increase in efficiency of result making. The Average time of 3 days was reduced to just 1 hour. On top of it the client was also able to give detailed result to students. Earlier the result only had Name and Score of the student. But now the client was able to give correct, incorrect, +ve, -ve marks as well. This increased the credibility of the Test Result given to students and almost zero tolerance in result.


The client has achieved error free, more detailed and Quick Result process by implementing OMR checker.